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The Teaching Research Institute

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Randy Klumph
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Helen Keller National Center
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National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness

Fall 2012 - Volume 19 Issue 1

  • Moving Forward Together
  • One Dad's Nuts and Bolts of Advocacy on the State Level
  • Improving Connections among Professionals in Deaf-Blind Education
  • NCDB Plans for A New Website
  • Early Identification and Referral: Partnerships in Action
  • Reflections from the Field
  • Moving Forward with Intervener Services Recommendations
  • I Can Connect!
  • Remembering Colleagues Who Passed Away in 20112012
  • For Your Library
  • Announcement

Spring 2011 - Volume 18 Issue 2

  • Enhancing the Deaf-Blind Technical Assistance Project Network
  • Functional Vision Assessment for Children with Cortical Visual Impairment
  • Bookshare: What It Offers People Who Are Deaf-Blind
  • Reflections From the Field
  • Using the Online Communication Matrix to Assess Early Communicators Who Are Deafblind
  • Research Update
  • For Your Library

Fall 2010 - Volume 18 Issue 1

  • Improving Education for Children with Deaf-Blindness Following Hurricane Katrina
  • Remembering Charlie Freeman
  • Shaping Collective Wisdom in the Field of Deaf-Blindness
  • Intervener Competencies Training Program in Virginia
  • Reflections from the Field
  • Our Life in Music
  • Striving for Excellence: New Standards for Deafblind Services in Ontario
  • Research Update
  • For Your Library
  • Announcements
  • New on the NCDB Website
  • Join us on Facebook!

Spring 2010 - Volume 17 Issue 2

  • Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder and (Central)
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Camping with Laci Faith
  • Making Online Technical Assistance Connections
  • Reflections From the Field
  • Skyways
  • Assessment Intervention Matrix (AIM) Concepts and Curriculum
  • For Your Library
  • Announcements

Fall 2009 - Volume 17 Issue 1

  • Transition Time at NCDB
  • New NCDB Director
  • An Experience of a Lifetime
  • Internet Social Networking Sites: Building Community One Friend at a Time
  • CHARGE Syndrome Conference
  • Described and Captioned Media Program
  • What Is Maddie Going to Be When She Grows Up?
  • Honorary Degree for David Brown
  • Research Update
  • For Your Library
  • Conferences and Events
  • Announcement

Spring 2009 - Volume 16 Issue 2

  • Deafblindness: Educational Service Guidelines: A Product of Our Strengthening Field
  • Home Visits with Families and Their Infants Who Are Deaf-Blind
  • Just Say No to Drive-bys
  • From Ignorance to Understanding: Adventures in Deaf-Blind Interpreting
  • Outreach to Improve Early Identification in Kentucky
  • What’s New at AADB?
  • For Your Library
  • Conferences and Events
  • Announcements

Fall 2008 - Volume 16 Issue 1

  • Mike Collins (1947–2008)
  • The Lorm Hand Touch Alphabet: Background, History, and Uses
  • Keynote from the Kitchen
  • The Morning Walker
  • Creating Opportunities for Tomorrow: DeafBlind Transition Camp
  • 2008 AER International Conference: A Report from the Multiple Disabilities
       and Deafblind Division
  • NCDB’s Personnel Preparation Consortium
  • Sayreville Teen Overcomes Obstacles as High-School Basketball Team Manager
  • Research Update
  • For Your Library
  • Conferences and Online Learning Opportunities
  • Announcement

Spring 2008 - Volume 15 Issue 2

  • Customized Employment: A Strategy for Developing Inclusive Employment Opportunities
  • Seattle’s Deaf-Blind Service Center: A New Vision
  • Reaching out to the World
  • Personal Perspectives: Angelyne Thorning
  • Worldwide Connections
  • Report from the 14th Deafblind International World Conference
  • Research Update
  • For Your Library
  • Announcements
  • Conferences and Events

Fall 2007 - Volume 15 Issue 1

  • Remarks in Honor of the Retirement of Charlie Freeman
  • Deaf-Blind Interpreting News
  • Harmonious Interactions: A New NCDB Publication
  • New National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness Website
  • Selecting an Intervener for a Student Who Is Deafblind
  • Online Intervener Training Program in Deafblindness at Utah State University
  • The National Center for Leadership in Visual Impairment (NCLVI)
  • Hunting with Dad
  • Eighth International CHARGE Syndrome Conference
  • National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness Topical Conference
  • Research Update
  • For Your Library
  • Conferences and Events

May 2007 - Volume 14 Issue 2

  • Breaking Through the Barriers with Leadership Training
  • Usher Family Weekend at Camp Berachah
  • Recreational Activities for Children and Youth Who Are Deafblind
  • Teacher Preparation for the Education of Students who are Deafblind: A Retrospective and Prospective View

October 2006 - Volume 14 Issue 1

  • New National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness
  • Activity at Home for Children and Youth Who Are Deafblind
  • Breaking Barriers in Asia: The Deafblind International Asian Conference
  • Accommodations and Alternate Assessment
  • Research Update
  • For Your Library
  • Conferences and Events
  • Announcement
  • Back Issues of Deaf-Blind Perspectives

May 2006 - Volume 13 Issue 3

  • Cortical Visual Impairment: Guidelines and Educational Considerations
  • Children with Usher Syndrome: Learning to Cope through Work with Mentors
  • New Master's Degree Program in Severe Disabilities with an Emphasis on Dual Sensory Impairment in Mississippi
  • Personal Perspectives
  • A Model for Paraprofessional Training in Deafblindness
  • Poem

January 2006 - Volume 13 Issue 2

  • Cochlear Implants for Young Children Who Are Deaf-Blind
  • Our Experiences (to Date) with Sam’s Cochlear Implant
  • Poems
  • Classroom Observation Instrument for Educational Environments
  • Project SPARKLE
  • Coming of Age: 2005 International CHARGE Syndrome Conference
  • National Task Force on Deaf-Blind Interpreting

September 2005 - Volume 13 Issue 1

  • Project SALUTE Information Sheets
  • Forty Years After the Epidemic
  • Personal Perspectives - Selecting the Right Assistive Technology for Me
  • Educational Guidelines Underway

April 2005 - Volume 12 Issue 3

  • A Personal View of Changes in Deaf-Blind Population, Philosophy, and Needs
  • Getting In Touch - The Perkins Museum

January 2005 - Volume 12 Issue 2

  • Collaboration Achieves Travel Success (Project CATS)
  • Understanding Balance Problems in Children with CHARGE Syndrome
  • DVD/Video Review: We Have Contact!

September 2004 - Volume 12 Issue 1

  • Intervenor Training
  • Learning From Children Who Are Deafblind “Throw Away the Toys”
  • Personal Perspective - Being More DeafBlind

May 2004 - Volume 11 Issue 3

  • No Teacher Left Behind: Training Teachers to Meet the Challenge of Accessing the General Curriculum for Deafblind Students
  • Communication Portfolio: A Tool to Increase the Competence of Communication Partners of Learners Who Are Deafblind
  • Ready for Partnership: Collaboration Between NFADB and State Deaf-Blind Projects Personal Retrospective: Roberta Reid
  • DVD Review: Sensory Perspectives

January 2004 - Volume 11 Issue 2

  • Deafblind International World Conference on Deafblindness Workshop Presentations
  • Plenary Session Panels on Communication
  • Pre-Conference Intervenor Training Course
  • Rubella Focus Group Report
  • A Wonderful Opportunity
  • An Awesome Experience
  • Conference Impressions

September 2003 - Volume 11 Issue 1

  • Supporting Families: Training Family Support Specialists
  • Siblings: Unusual Concerns…Unusual Opportunities
  • Spotlight on Assistive Technology
  • Computer Activities to Support Communication and Language Development
  • Report on the International CHARGE Syndrome Conference

May 2003 - Volume 10 Issue 3

  • Oregon Deafblind Project Intervener Training Program
  • Mississippi’s Deaf-Blind Focus
  • Interview with Jamie McNamara, Executive Director, American Association of the Deaf-Blind Improving Systems: An NTAC Initiative
  • New NTAC Activity: Development of a Classroom Observation Instrument
  • Personal Perspectives
  • Report from the 2003 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness

December 2002 - Volume 10 Issue 2

  • The Silent Dark
  • Resonance Boards
  • Capturing Change: Measuring the Impact of An Interagency Transition Team Approach
  • Book Review - "Understanding Deafblindness:  Issues, Perspectives, and Strategies"
  • Report on the 2002 Project Directors' Meeting
  • Conversations: Seeds for a Diverse, Flowering Future
  • Western Region Usher Family Weekend

September 2002 - Volume 10 Issue 1

  • PHASES: Psychologists Helping to Assess Students' Educational Strengths
  • Personal Perspectives
  • NTAC Workshops
  • Deafblindness in Australia: The State of the Nation
  • Finding Information About Assistive Technology
  • Jason Corning: "Yes I Can" Award Winner

May 2002 - Volume 9 Issue 3

  • He Didn't Listen
  • Grade One Braille for Students Who Are Deafblind
  • Assessment as a Creative Action
  • AADB Mentoring Pilot Project
  • National Curriculum for Deaf-Blind Persons and Interpreters
  • NTAC Updates
  • E-Mail Discussion Groups on Deaf-Blindness
  • Birth of The World Federation of the Deafblind
  • Meeting Helen Keller
  • Early Hearing Screening and Intervention Websites
  • Executive Director of AADB Named

December 2001- Volume 9 Issue 2

  • The Helen Keller International Art Show
  • It's Never Too Early: Collaborating With State Early Childhood Programs
  • Update on the IDEA Reauthorization Process
  • Strategies for Support Service Personnel Serving College Students With Usher Syndrome
  • It Sounds Nice, But Is Inclusion Really Worth It?
  • Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf: Deaf-Blind Special Interest Group

September 2001 - Volume 9 Issue 1

  • What's My Role? - A Comparison of the Responsibilities of Interpreters, Interveners, and Support
  • Service Providers
  • A Support Service Provider Program in Utah
  • Valued Outcomes for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind and Their Families
  • Helping Children Cope With Grief
  • Personal Perspectives
  • National Parent Conference Report

May 2001 - Volume 8 Issue 3

  • Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind - Deaf-Blind Program Federal Funding
  • Interactive Storytelling for Deafblind Children
  • Personal Perspectives
  • Personal Retrospective
  • NTAC Update
  • Access to Multimedia on the Web

December 2000 - Volume 8 Issue 2

  • Tactile Learning Strategies for Children who are Deaf-Blind: Concerns and Considerations from Project SALUTE
  • Research-to-Practice: Parents Use a Research Technique to Help Their Children with Cortical Visual Impairments
  • DB-LINK: A Special Library
  • Personal Perspectives
  • Intervener Update
  • NTAC Parent and Family Activities
  • Book Review - "Creative Constructions: Technologies that Make Adaptive Design Accessible, Affordable, Inclusive and Fun"
  • New Listserv® for Deaf-Blind Teens and Young Adults

September 2000 - Volume 8 Issue 1

  • A Group for Students with Usher Syndrome in South Louisiana
  • Note from the Editors
  • Simply Emily
  • Miss(ed) Communication
  • Intervener Update
  • AADB Convention 2000
  • Team Structure for a Deaf-blind Student
  • Meet the NTAC Staff
  • Australia's Fifth National DeafBlindness Conference

May 2000 - Volume 7 Issue 3

  • Lessons from Project PLAI in California and Utah: Implications for Early Intervention Services to Infants who are Deaf-Blind and Their Families
  • Research-to Practice: PLAI Curriculum Modules and Case Study
  • Moon Code: A Valuable Supplement To Your Communications Arsenal
  • NTAC Updates

December 1999 - Volume 7 Issue 2

  • Computers in Our Classrooms
  • Research-to-Practice
  • Resources for Deaf-Blind Children and Youth
  • Fall Start-Ups Focus on Learning
  • NTAC Updates

September 1999 - Volume 7 Issue 1

  • Central Auditory Processing Disorders An Overview of Assessment and Management Practices Book Review - "Remarkable Conversations: A guide to developing meaningful communication with children and young adults who are deafblind"
  • Supporting the Involvement of Deaf-Blind Individuals in Meetings About Deaf-Blind Topics
  • With and Within Us: The DeafBlind Gift
  • Helen Keller National Center National Registry
  • NTAC Updates
  • National Directory of Interpreters and Support Service Providers Who Work With Deaf-Blind     Individuals
  • Research to Practice - Hands-On Problem Solving Skills for Children with Deaf-Blindness

May 1999 - Volume 6 Issue 3

  • In Australia: Placing Parents and Families at the Center of Our Planning
  • Research-to-Practice: Reducing Behavior Problems in Students Who Are Deaf-Blind
  • NTAC Area Updates
  • A Woman of Her Time—and Ours (Book Review)
  • Graduate Programs That Offer Opportunities In Deaf-Blind Education
  • Health Information Websites

December 1998 - Volume 6 Issue 2

  • Seeing The Humor In It All Living With Deafblindness
  • The 1997 Amendments to I.D.E.A. Changes to Parent Participation, Evaluations and Reevaluations, and the IEP Process
  • Research-to-Practice: Facilitating the Self-Determination of Youth and Young Adults With      Deaf-  Blindness
  • Finding A Summer Camp
  • Australia’s First Deafblindness Winter School
  • Meet the DB-LINK Staff

September 1998 - Volume 6 Issue 1

  • Research-to-Practice Focus: Competencies for Teachers of Learners Who Are Deafblind
  • Sign Language with People who are Deaf-Blind: Suggestions for Tactile and Visual Modifications
  • Notes From AADB
  • What We Did for Our Summer Vacation: A Parent’s Perspective on the AADB Convention
  • IDEA ‘97 - Regs on the Way

May 1998 - Volume 5 Issue 3

  • Early Identification of Infants who are Deaf-Blind: A Systematic Approach for Early Interventionists
  • Research-to-Practice Focus: FM Systems For Children Who Are Deaf-blind
  • The Universality of the Usher Experience
  • My Continuing Journey with Usher Syndrome
  • Notes From AADB

December 1997 - Volume 5 Issue 2

  • History and Change in the Education of Children Who Are Deaf-Blind Since the Rubella Epidemic of the 1960s: Influence of Methods Developed in the Netherlands
  • Ways to Incorporate Physical Fitness Into the Lives of Individuals Who are Deaf-Blind
  • Benjamin’s Bar Mitzvah
  • IDEA 1997 - Product Updates

September 1997 - Volume 5 Issue 1

  • Research to Practice - Hands-On Problem Solving Skills for Children with Deaf-Blindness
  • Transdisciplinary Activity-Based Assessments for Students who are Deaf-Blind
  • Communication and Culture: How They Relate to Service Development and Advocacy for People Who Are Deaf-Blind
  • National Transition Study of Youth who are Deaf-Blind: A Family Perspective
  • The New IDEA: Updates and Resources
  • Katlyn’s Hope

May 1997 - Volume 4 Issue 3

  • Issues and Concerns Related to Inclusive Education for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind
  • The Longest Day of the Year
  • Usher Syndrome Family Weekend

December 1996 - Volume 4 Issue 2

  • Syndromes, Behavior, and Educational Intervention
  • Managing Editor Departs

September 1996 - Volume 4 Issue 1

  • Research-to-Practice: Bridging the Gap
  • DB-LINK Receives Funding
  • National Technical Assistance Consortium for Children and Young Adults who are Deaf-Blind (NTAC) Tomorrow’s Deaf-Blind Perspectives

May 1996 - Volume 3 Issue 3

  • Reflections, Comments, And Suggestions
  • Adapting Games, Sports and Recreation for Children and Adults who are Deaf-Blind
  • NFADB is Making a Difference
  • When Retinitis Pigmentosa and Hearing Loss Happen Together
  • Utah Update

December 1995- Volume 3 Issue 2

  • Simulation Exercises to Help Stimulate Discussions about Communication Strategies Used with Students who are Deaf-Blind and Developmentally Delayed
  • A Special Thanks
  • Hand in Hand Publications from the AFB Deaf-Blind Project
  • DB-LINK Fact Sheets
  • “Free To Be Me”

September 1995 - Volume 3 Issue 1

  • Current Status for Reauthorization of IDEA
  • Utah Enhances Services for Children who are Deaf-Blind
  • Request for Proposals Announced
  • Families and Support Networks
  • An Introduction to the International Organizations and Literature Related to Deafblindness
  • Personnel Preparation - Past, Present and Future Perspectives

May 1995 - Volume 2 Issue 3

  • Heidi’s Inclusion in Junior High: Transition and Educational Planning for a Student with         Deaf-Blindness
  • Children Who Are Deaf-Blind: A “National Interest Requiring National Action”
  • Let’s Have an Institute
  • TRACES Regional Reports
  • Deaf-Blind Awareness Week

December 1994 - Volume 2 Issue 2

  • Improving Outcomes and the Quality of Life for Children, Youth, and Adults who are Deaf-Blind
  • The 307.11 Program in the New Millennium
  • Assessment of Today’s 307.11 Program
  • Now is the Time for Action
  • Functional Assessment: Understanding and Identifying the Causes of Challenging Behaviors in Students who are Deaf-Blind
  • National Coalition on Deaf-Blindness

Septembe1994 - Volume 2 Issue 1

  • A Report on Deaf-Blind Technical Assistance Collaboration
  • Rabbits and Retards
  • Communication and Language Acquisition - To Teach or Not To Teach
  • Deaf-Blind Perspectives To Be Or Not To Be A Journal
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • TRACES Regional Reports
  • Sorting Out the Challenges of Fatherhood - Vision and Reality

May 1994- Volume 1 Issue 3

  • A Dangerous Misrepresentation Of The Facts
  • Family Fun Day
  • Help for Presenters
  • Cruising the Information Highway
  • National Family Association for Deaf-Blind
  • TRACES Regional Reports

December 1993- Volume 1 Issue 2

  • Blue Chair Time
  • Funding Alert
  • Can Inclusive Education Work for Students who are Deaf-Blind?
  • Assessing the Instructional Environment to Meet the Needs of Learners With Multiple Disabilities Including Students who are Deaf-Blind
  • DB-LINK: Concept to Clearinghouse
  • TRACES Regional Reports
  • Looking at Self-Stimulation in the Pursuit of Leisure

September 1993 - Volume 1 Issue 1

  • Why Deaf-Blind Perspectives?
  • Rationale For Editorial Policy On Terminology
  • Doors
  • Teaching Students Who Are Deaf-blind and Cognitively Disabled To Effectively Communicate Choices During Mealtime
  • The National Information Clearinghouse On Children Who Are Deaf-Blind
  • Regional News


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